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ISESAS Group solve customer's problems with Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services in Oil & Gas and power generation sectors.


Project Management is the driving force behind the successful completion of our work.

We execute project according variety of comercial formats (lump-sum, EPC, contracts, etc) focused on our client's needs.

Our EPC Services Includes:

-  Engineering Design.
- Procurement and expediting.
- Construction and Construction Management.
- Quality Control

- Quality Assurance.
- Startup and training

Our Project Management Expertise Includes:

- Scope Development

- Estimating
- Feasibility
- Conceptual
- Preliminary
- Detailed
- Value Engineering
- Planning and Scheduling
- Scope Control
- Cost Control
- Quality Assurance
- Reporting
- Safety Oversight

Construction Management

ISESAS Group staff is composed by project managers and construction professionals, who are well versed in safety, quality, design, project administration and

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